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Web Development

What is Web development? It include as a part of all areas while to create a website for the internet or World Wide Web. Web development includes parts like graphic design, web design, CSS, XHTML, etc.

It is a vast process for any action which is related to developing a website for the internet or an intranet. It also includes web content development, Client-side/server-side Scripting and Web server configuration. For web professionals, web development refers only to non-design aspects of building a website, like writing HTML coding.

A well designed and good website provides easy to navigate terms by any search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. and shows the potentiality of the information of a company or a personal activity through online marketing. Today we are aware of how we need a search engine friendly website so it will is obvious to get first page of the search results in the search engines to get a good amount of traffic for any business purpose. In this era of advanced internet technology which is used by so many people and due to easy availability of the internet people are running for the business like E-commerce and making huge profit from home.

We all think of good online business but it is important that first we should prepare our website in ways like it should be well designed, easy to navigate, usable, rich in content, relevant and legit information, good functions, so the visitors will come back again for long term business purposes.

In this computer age we can’t only make the website which is for the organization information provider, we have to extend it limits and nowadays we are seeing that we can deliver the information with the help of websites from one people to another through internet. Some specifics features are required for developing a web application like, flash, JavaScript, cgi, dhtml, html and css and some main programming languages like php, java, .net, asp, and perspective languages like sql server, oracle and my sql. For front end and back end some servers are required to establish the connection in between them like web spheres, web logic and tomcat series.

Many things have to be taken in mind regarding web development like data entry error checking through forms, malicious practices, like SQL injection should be executed through users with poor intent. The important point that one should keep always in mind is beware of hackers who can stole not only the scripts but also grant unauthorized access to gain information like email addresses, credit card numbers, passwords. So by considering the above points one should apply the concept of cryptography in the applications.